What is software development?

Date Published: 25-02-2020

Software development is a process of implementing and executing a set of computer science activities to make sure that new and ongoing projects meet requirements.

Software development is comprised of multiple roles that interact and overlap, and the dynamics between them vary greatly across development departments.

Roles in software development.

Programmers are responsible for writing source code to program computers for specific tasks. Programmers interpret instructions from software developers and engineers and use programming languages to carry them out.

Software engineers build software and systems to solve problems. Software engineers come up with solutions that can be applied to problems.

Software developers are involved with specific project areas, including writing code. Software developers also drive the overall software development lifecycle and work across functional areas, conducting software testing and maintenance.

Software development is not confined to traditional information technology industries.

Software development is not confined to traditional information technology industries. Software developers also work in financial technology or services, media, advertising, publishing or entertainment, retail, and healthcare.

Why is software development important?

Software development helps businesses differentiate themselves and be more competitive. Businesses are always looking at different ways to improve customer experiences, be more innovative, make products faster and operations more efficient, safe and productive.

How would your business benefit from software development?

Every business in today’s technologically inclined world needs software. Running a business has a lot of aspects to consider- supply chain operations, administration operations, customer satisfaction, and analytics. Business are able to benefit from bespoke solutions in order to emphasize their business process, uniqueness, adaptability a well as emphasize your business acumen.

Business are able to benefit from bespoke solutions in order to emphasize their business process, uniqueness and adaptability

Here are 5 benefits to custom software for your business:


The agile methodology is a unique approach many bespoke software development houses practice. Through having direct contact with software developers, you are able to provide them with feedback during the development process based on how you find certain functionalities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Tailor- made software solutions can easily be adapted to the growth of your business. It gives you the possibility to extend the number of software users without slowing the solutions down.

If they, can easily accommodate process changes, increased workloads and any additional integrations.


Utilizing the correct software has a significant impact on the efficiency of your work. By introducing communication tools, you are able to improve collaborative working in your company. This is one way of bringing your employees closer, which results in a boost of productivity overall.


By developing custom software that suits your business needs and requirements. This provides a competitive advantage for your business as you are the only one that can benefit from it. Through custom software you can easily differentiate your business from competitors by having a unique and better product completing dedicated to your business.


With tailor-made software, you ensure that your team will understand the software very well. Your team will not have to deal with unnecessary components which shortens the raring time. By working with developers, you avoid your employees having problems with software or working manually.


Tailor- made solutions that is only used internally minimises the risk of cyber- attacks in comparison to off the shelf software which hackers can easily exploit well known vulnerabilities.

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