Why Web Applications are great.

Date Published: 28-05-2020

Web applications are one of my favourite pieces of technology when it comes to versatility in software management, deployment and maintenance. Whether used in organizations or creating applications available to the general public, you really cannot go wrong here.

Before we get going on this, lets first discuss what a web application is.

The chances are you have most likely used a web application at some point in your life. Well, I can almost guarantee you have used a web application in your life. If you have used programs like Gmail or Facebook then welcome to the world of web applications.

The web app is a computer program which functions by using the web browser as its client.

The web app is a computer program which functions by using the web browser as its client. Web applications come in all shapes and sizes, but for this topic, we want to focus on why web applications are great in organizations.

The benefits they offer over office-based solutions is a selling point. Let's look at the advantages of web application in organizations.


In the age of connectivity, the web application is a top performer for organizations and companies looking to develop connected solutions. The ability for global teams to work in collaborative teams no matter where they are is a big advantage of the web-based solution.

Having 24/7 access to the application is also a bonus. The ability to connect to the application from anywhere, with a range of internet-enabled devices brings another level of convenience not easily met by other office-based solutions.


Many companies these days opt for the bespoke software solution when it comes to web applications. The reason for this is the versatility of the web application, using a web application to report, measure, direct and display organization outputs has become a popular way to optimize the workspace.

Good reporting facilities on web applications give employees instant access to live data to help them optimize their outputs.

  • Measuring various data sources and the ability to compare them helps organizes quantify and find process flaws or where operations could run more effectively.
  • Direction, using web applications to assist and direct your teams on factory floors, logistics warehouse or office environments also encourage better team outputs. For example, automating processes which require multiple employees, multiple employee notifications, various authorization levels and fixed business processes gives you the ability to ensure company procedures are followed. By creating a step for step system, you can ensure that your team members are following expected procedures and also constantly informed of what is happening. There are many other use cases, of course, the scenario described is one of many when making use of web-applications.
  • Display, using well-designed data-driven dashboards on web applications gives you the ability to see all your key data sources in structured and well-presented manors so your teams make data-driven business decisions. The ability to also access this data at any point from anywhere of any device also helps when staying informed on what is happening.


One of the best things about the web application is that it is a once-off deployment type of scenario. Typically, your office-based solutions require you to go from user machine to user machine to update each program with the latest updates. A really time consuming and tedious process when measured against the web application. The web-application gives you the flexibility to do one update which reflects across all your users.

Web apps are a once-off deployment

This is especially great for updates and enhancements to the system because these can all be done in one location and reflect for all your users. To deploy and maintain web applications amongst your users is easier in contrast to desktop applications for example.

There is no doubt that web-applications are here to stay. Other technology types have their place in the world, but when it comes to global connectivity and ease of management, web applications are up there.

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