Software Development with S4

Date Published: 08-04-2020

There is just such a company on our local shores! S4 offers over 25 year experience, both locally and internationally, offering mechanical, electrical and software development in terms of design, manufacture and support!

S4 have long been an invaluable resource for many companies for both their mechanical and electrical turnkey projects, but over the last few years, their software development team has grown from strength to strength and have won awards, as well as becoming the global development house for a number of internationally recognized brands!

In an increasingly more complex world, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, an integrated company who can offer a full range of services, including Systems, Service, Software and Support for your production functions would be an invaluable asset!

So, just what do S4 offer in terms of Software Development?

The S4 Software Development department, known also as S4 Development Services has over 10 years’ experience and expertise in the industrial sector. With a compliment of over 130 in-house developers (and steadily growing each month!), they have accrued a wealth of know-how in the technology field.

S4 Development Services are able to use the latest DevOps standards and practices, which allows the team to effectively manage the development lifecycle to continuously deliver high-quality software solutions to all of their clients.

What various development offerings do they cater for?

Software Development

The S4 team are able to sit down with you to envisage and develop a tailor-made software solution to fit your business processes.

Support Services

The S4 Development Services team are also able to offer full support solutions both companies both locally and internationally. This can allow supported companies to free up their internal resources to focus on other business orientated areas, as S4 has their back!

System Analysis

S4 can provide integrated tailored solutions by collecting information, processes and identifying problems. From this a full range of UML diagrams can be created to help customize workflows that will best suit your internal processes.

Research and Development

Staying on top of things in a competitive environment calls for continuous innovation. The Software Development team can assist you in your research and development by assisting you take your ideas and concepts to realization. They will assist you each step of the way to ensure you realize your big ideas and technology requirements through their full development lifecycle.

Data Analytics

We live in a data driven world. Data is king! In order to stay ahead of the pack, a business needs to make informed decisions based on real, accurate and relevant data. The S4 Development Services team can help you acquire such data through custom developed data reporting systems. In this manner, you will always have at your fingertips, the best data to aid your business monitoring and decision making processes.

VR Software

In the growing presence of Industry 4.0, it’s essential to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place all around us! Don’t get left behind, let S4 model your factory floors and potential projects in their fully interactive 3D modelling environment. This gives you the opportunity to interact with your potential project to tweak and optimise it before production starts, giving you the head start you’ll need!

Interact with your potential project to optimise it before production starts

S4 Development Services truly has a skilled and professional team that are competent and able to take on just about any software development project. In order to be able to do this, they have ensured they have team members skilled in a variety of development platforms, including:

  • Languages: C++, C#, Java, PHP, Javascript, Angular, Python
  • Formats: Desktop and Mobile development
  • Other competencies include: SQL (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and Source Control.

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