Outsourcing with S4 Development Services

Date Published: 13-07-2020

With S4 Development Services, powerful innovative software solutions are developed and delivered by our professional team of over 130 developers.

Our software teams have a wealth of expertise in developing tailor-made software solutions to fit in with your current business processes. Through outsourcing, you are able to focus on your business, while we focus on developing sophisticated and effective solutions to enhance and automate your businesses process’.

Companies outsource for various reasons;

  • You may look at trying to cut costs or you lack the skillsets in-house to complete a specific project type.
  • Your company’s core skills are not software development but you are either entering a new market space but lack the skillsets.
  • You want bespoke software solutions developed and maintained rather than looking at off-the-shelf solutions.
  • You may even want to simply outsource because you no longer want to deal with high employee attrition rates and all the other requirements and risks which come with housing your in-house team.

Whatever the reason, it is important to consider the type of outsourcing model which will best fit for your company culture and software requirements. This you can normally define based on the extent to which you would like to manage and be part of the daily processes. The models also tend to vary and come in different flavours from service to service provider. In this article, I want to touch on 3 models, dedicated teams, extended teams and project-based.

Our software teams have a wealth of expertise in developing tailor-made software solutions to fit in with your current business processes.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is a team of software engineers who work remotely to deliver software services to the customer. Think of the dedicated team as its own unit who operate remotely and under their own management structure who report directly to the customer.

These model suits organizations who want to take an active role in managing and monitoring the development progress. The Dedicated teams model also best suits customer looking to start a collaborative long-term relationship with a service provider. Dedicated teams offer the customer an exclusive full-time team of software engineers who work collaboratively with customers to deliver full end to end software development services over an agreed-upon period of time.

The model is best suited to companies who have a growing list of software needs due to ever-changing software requirements. The dedicated teams model provides the customer with the convenience of having a team of software engineers without the responsibilities that come with hiring and retaining software engineers.

Extended Team

The name of this model fully defines what the customer is getting, the extended team model is for a company looking to supplement their existing core teams with an extension of virtual software engineers. This approach does not replace your existing team but rather the tasks are shared between the customers in-house team and the service providers remote/virtual software engineers.

Generally, extended-teams are not disbanded after projects, this model also focuses on long-term relations and continued service delivery to satisfy and deliver great value to the customer. The customer also retains full control of the team as the team acts as a single unit to achieve the software tasks and goals. The customer will also manage the team directly and have direct access to the developers which allows for clear effective communication.

Access developers directly for clear concise communication

With extended teams, the customers can augment their existing teams with additional resources, skills or experience which was lacking in-house.

Project-Based/Delivery Teams

A key difference between this model from both the dedicated and extended models is that this model is fully managed by the service provider. The service provider will assemble a team of software engineers based on the requirements of the project.

The service provider will provide the customer with a team framework which will allow for the best management of the project, e.g. Project manager, DevOps, quality assurance professionals and software engineers.

The team will work to complete the project in the pre-agreed upon timeframe while reporting into the customer to provide feedback and progress reports. This model works great for companies looking to do one-off projects and who do not typically have a high requirement for continued software development.

Let us help you achieve your business objectives through software innovation tailored to your business process.

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