Software Solutions

Our Software Promise

At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 60 tertiary qualified software developers. They are on hand to tackle your software specifications, armed with caffeine and a superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 10 years experience in outsourcing our services. Don't believe us? Why not give us a test.


Bespoke Software

At S4 we understand that every business has a different set of needs, that's why we offer custom software solutions in your language of choice. If it's custom-reporting, -errorhandling, -marketing automation, or even -documentation software we have you covered. We offer services to many large international brands meaning we have experience in dealing with international standards and best practices.

Needs based solutions

Off-the-shelf software options normally don't fit customer specific requirements, they may have components that, even though paid for, will never be used. S4's customized software is designed around specific customer’s needs. There are no useless components and the software can even be built to be incorporated into existing software. S4 offers continual support and there's even the option to make changes later on.

Optimised functionality

S4 Application software engineers design, program, test, maintain and repair applications. S4 builds software catering to customers’ exact needs. S4 has fast experience in fixing problems, optimizing functionality and enabling software to be used on different hardware platforms. S4 continues to push the boundaries within the field, creating opportunities both locally and abroad.

A professional approach

Our field engineers are the primary technical resource responsible for actively driving, managing installations and commissioning software applications. S4’s field engineers pride themselves on offering intellectual property, qualifications and professionalism when solving problems. S4 is Eastern Cape’s top software exporting company and the quality of our staff and track record speaks for itself.

We speak your language











Our software developers have extensive knowledge in these and many more languages, ensuring that your custom solution is best suited for its requirements.

Trust us to develop your world!