Laser Marking Facility

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What We Do.

Together with our partner, Marking Engineering, S4 offers custom built automated 2D Barcoding Systems for Direct Part Marking (DPM) of the end product.

Benefits of using an Automated 2d Barcoding System:

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Complying with industry standards or requirements.

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Automatically creating build records and component manifests by bar code scanning.

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Tracking items in high-temperature, sterilized, outdoor, and other harsh environments that traditional bar code labels can't withstand.

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Increasing visibility into assets and operations.

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Preventing errors in just-in-sequence production.

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Eliminating manual data collection for inspection, inventory, maintenance and audit reports.

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Providing remote access to configuration and service information to save time for technicians and improve first-time-fix rates.

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Creating lifetime traceability.

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Providing the foundation for authentication processes that can protect products in the field and throughout the supply chain.

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Counterfeit detection, improved warranty management and service fraud prevention; Supporting more comprehensive inventory management.

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Enabling efficient predictive maintenance through lifetime identification and duty cycle tracking.

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Creating confidence in knowing all parts and assets can be accurately identified and accounted for in maintenance management and asset management systems.

Types of solutions offered?

  • Conventional impact stamping methods
  • Ink-jet coding systems
  • Scribe and pin marking equipment
  • Electrolytic marking machines
  • CO2 and ND-Yag Laser marking machines

Services offered:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Training
  • After Sales Support

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