Production Operations

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What We Do.

Our production operations service covers scheduling, job tracking, downtime and so much more.

Scheduling: Plan production orders, determine start and end dates and assess capacity and ability to meet deadlines. Communicate the plan to production with real-time feedback as production executes.

Job Tracking: Track each order as it progresses through the factory. In the discrete world, this means production tracking at each operation in the routing whereas in the batch world, the software tracks each batch.

Downtime: Machine downtime is recorded automatically by direct connection to the PLCs controlling production processes (or manually where such connections are not possible); downtime analysis and reporting then identifies opportunities for improvement.

Production Counting: Record production quantities either manually at the end of the production run, or in real-time, by picking up counts from the production lines and equipment. Calculate KPIs such as production efficiency and actual cycle times.

Waste: Record production waste & scrap manually or automatically. Analyse waste. Reduce waste.

OEE: Collect and analyse production performance data in the software module that calculates OEE for each production process. Improve production efficiency and accountability.

Line Log Book: Improve communications across all groups within manufacturing, e.g. hand-over between crews on a shift change, team and management reporting, operators back to planning. Improve traceability.

Labour: Track where labour hours have been spent. Define target manpower on product routing. Control costs. Improve exception management. Support traceability.

Workflow: Model the execution of the manufacturing process in the MES. Identify all the steps that should be followed, capture the progress of the job as it executes and keep a detailed record of the production process.

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