Statistical Process Control

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DataMetrics Statistical Process Control & Data Collection

No matter what product you manufacture, DataMetrics can provide your operators, engineers, quality team, and managers with the detailed, real-time SPC data, analytics and reporting, they need to assess current processes and take a proactive approach to maintain or improve product quality, meet production goals, reduce costs arounds scrap and rework, comply with OEM or industry standards.

Benefits of the DataMetrics Software Solution

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IIoT Data Collection and Accessibility

Energize your Quality data

A genius interface to your entire manufacturing floor to support universal data collection across manual, semi-automated, automated and portable data acquisition; giving you the ability to capture ALL of your quality data into one centralized repository or database and report on this data. Eliminate data silos while consolidating data from hundreds of gages, sensors, CMM, PLC; essentially any type of open interface. Compliant with OPC-UA, DataMetrics is a solution backed by stringent access control and advanced security.

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Monitoring and Analysis tailored to your needs

Comply with standards and be alerted to non-conformities

Accelerate productivity and performance through real-time monitoring of in-line processes in order to quickly identify quality non-conformities. DataMetrics Analysis & Reporting (DAR) backed by the centralized repository provides the data integrity and process traceability to meet the toughest standards across numerous industries.

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Advanced Reporting and Enterprise Connectivity

The right quality data delivered at the right time, to the right person

Easy-to-design dashboard web reports ensure full process visibility and optimized production. Generate hierarchically-appropriate reporting delivered in near real-time to key individuals. Unleash MicroSoft’s Power BI linked to your high-integrity quality data. Integrate your DataMetrics central repository data into SAP, MES, or ERP to capture strategic insights that can allow for global transformation across your operation.

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Leverage the DATAMYTE ecosystem

Seamless integration between software and hardware solutions

With the push of a button, integrate DataMetrics characteristics and SPC control limits with our Quality Planning Studio to eliminate data errors and bring shop floor insights directly into the planning process. Incorporate the industry-leading, wireless DataMyte data collector into your data collection process. Capture inspection plan data and seamlessly transfer to the DataMetrics database where you can act upon this data, activate alerts & notifications, and set up an escalation plan.

Features & Modules

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