Gage and Tool Management

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What We Do.

Intuitive Gage & Tool management. Single source solution to empower your teams with quality and efficiency with EnGagePlus! which is a Gage & Tool Automation Software.

Gage Management

Intuitive Gage Management, all in one place

Maintain all gage information electronically, including gage history and calibration records. Intuitive functionality includes colorful graphics, menus, and a floating tool bar for instant access to major functions.

  • Electronically manage gage and tool inventory information
  • Guide and track necessary tool crib activities and maintenance (checking in/out)
  • Create reports related to gage lab activities
Customisable Reports

Gage-specific, Customizable Reports

  • Gages due for calibration or gage studies (multiple identifiers available: gage ID, department, manufacturer, or due date)
  • Gage summary, event history, reports
  • Overdue gage listing
  • Out of tolerance listing
  • Certificate of calibration reports
  • Gage location
  • Last gage report
Gage Studies

Built-in Gage Studies

EngagePlus! has built‐in capability to perform a variety of gage studies, including Gage R&R, bias, stability, and linearity. The user has the option of performing either standard or ANOVA R&R studies. EnGagePlus! automatically maintains all study events as part of each gage history, and is compliant with the MSA 3rd Edition Gage R&R and ANOVA analyses. Now you have a choice: parts or processes.

Key Reasons to Implement EnGagePlus!

Quick retrieval of gage information, inventory location and calibration certificates

Schedule gage certification notifications to ensure compliance

Reduce errors from manual documentation and audit issues

Single source for all gage history with intuitive quick search

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