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Eliminate silos and report ALL of your data with our data collection solutions from ASI Datamyte. Whether you are on a PC, phone, tablet or data collector we ingeniously collect and communicate on your data using the ASI Datamyte 600 Handheld Data Collector.

The ASI Datamyte 600 Handheld Data Collector allows for portable data collection for measurement applications through WiFi and wired connectivity. The device proveds graphically aided data collection that simplifies complex auditing routes, interfaces directly with hundreds of gage types and brands and on top of that is lightweight, durable construction designed for all manufacturing environments.

Complex Audits Made Simple

The 600 Data Collector SMART600™ technology clarifies complex auditing routines and reduces operator uncertainty and guesswork.

Guaranteed Data Assurance

Built in data redundancy processes ensure data capture and complete data transfer to software systems. You will never have stranded or corrupt data.

Highly Compatible Gage and Torque Intefaces

The one tool for all your data collection needs with hundreds of built-in gage and sensor interfaces. (i.e. strain gage wrenches and rotaries, potentionmeter, encoder)

Time Stamped & Operator ID

Instant traceability of each measurement back to a specific time, shift, gage and operator. Barcode option allows for operator badge and sequence number scan.

Gage Identification

Gage names are clearly stated on the collector to eliminate the possibility of mistaken gage selection. In addition, data collection will not occur when using a LightStar® wrench if incorrect wrench is being used on the wrong part.


  • Exception Report – identifies missing readings and non conformance.
  • Characteristic Review.
  • SPC (xBar & R/xBar S).
  • Histograms.
  • Control Charts.
  • Torque Fastener Analysis.

Barcode Ease

Improve the accuracy and speed of data collection with the built in barcode functionality. Capture a VIN number through the windshield, scan an operator badge, record a sequence number and much more with a quick click of a button.

Clear Visual and Audit Aids

Task specific, step by step directions and illustrations reduce the time required to perform audits, collect data and train new employees.

Automated Error Proofing

Designed to remove operator and system failures

  • Removes the occurrence of using the wrong gage or measuring the incorrect part.
  • Unlimited characteristic descriptors so operators have the information needed to measure the right dimension with the correct tool.
  • Data is never lost due to network downtime since collector works with or independent of network.
  • Clear ‘in’ and ‘out ‘ of spec LED lights and sound alerts.

Graphically Aided Routes

Clear prompts ensure operators capture data from correct part, gage and dimension everytime.

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