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Andon provides visual feedback of stoppages and hindrances to the plant floor.

Typically, Andon systems indicate line status, show when assistance is needed and empower operators to stop the production process for different issues. The basic principles of the system are to track production, show line status at a glance and enable operators to call for help as needed.

Why use Andon?

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Bring immediate attention to problems as they occur in the manufacturing process.

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Improve the accountability of operators by increasing their responsibility for “good” production and empowering them to take action when problems occur.

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Improve the ability of supervisors to quickly identify and resolve manufacturing issues.

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Provide a simple and consistent mechanism for communicating information on the plant floor. while also providing a detailed history of shop floor downtime.

Types of Solutions:

Why choose S4 as your Andon Partner?

S4 has installed numerous Andon systems. These systems are used by OEM’s and their tier suppliers. When selecting S4 Andon system, customers can be assured of a cost-effective, working solution that is tailored for their needs.

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