Part Picking Systems

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The Part Picking philosophy is based on the six-sigma poke yoke concept. The system is used to eliminate fitment error due to incorrect part selection by the operator. Most complex build processes require an operator to read the build sheet and then make part(s) selection.

The part picking system takes the build sheet as an input and then automatically illuminates the correct part to be fitted on the rack by way of a "pick me light". The operator is requested to confirm the part choice by pressing the reset button on the light or recording by automated sensors. Not only can the correct part be selected, but the system also counts the number of parts selected and can alarm an incomplete build by counting the number of resets expected.

Why use a part-picking system?

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Elimination of build errors and improved quality.

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Decreased set-up times with associated reduction in production time and improved production capacity.

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Simplified and improved housekeeping.

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Increased safety.

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Lower costs due to the elimination of reworks.

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Lower skill requirements.

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Improved operator attitudes.

Types of solutions offered?

S4 offers a full turnkey solution and works together with its customers to develop the best possible solution for their needs. Each system is customized for each customer's requirements and budget.

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