Pick and Place Systems

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In the ever increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, moving workpieces from one station to the next is a vital step in creating an effective and efficient assembly line. S4 understands the importance of this process and have put into place many effective solutions to optimize this process in stand-alone projects to decrease bottle-necks, or as part of efficient assembly line solutions to give the client a competitive edge!

Pick and place robots are used in many ways, depending on the product being handled and the manufacturer’s need for automation. There are four main ways that pick and place robots are used:

  1. Assembly: pick and place robots, during assembly processes, grab an incoming part from a conveyor belt and then place this part onto another workpiece, which is then typically carried away by another conveyor belt.
  2. Packaging: similar to assembly processes, a pick and place robot grabs a part on an incoming conveyor belt and, rather than assemble the part, the robot places it in a packaging container at a high speed.
  3. Bin Picking: pick and place robots equipped with advanced vision systems can grab a part out of a bin, sometimes even when parts are randomly mixed together in a bin, and place this part on a conveyor for production.
  4. Inspection: vision systems can monitor products moving on an incoming conveyor belt and detect defective products, and then a pick and place robot can remove the defective product before it reaches the final phases of production.

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