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S4 manipulator solutions - ranging from design to the manufacture of the gripper assembly.

Manipulators are pneumatically-balanced manual lift assists. Manipulators allow an operator to lift and position apart as if it were an extension of his/her hands. They are the high-speed, high-performance manual material-handling solution. Industrial manipulators render the load virtually weightless from the point of view of the operator. Normally, there are no up or down pushbuttons, allowing the operator to concentrate on moving the load quickly without concentrating on the use of buttons. Unlike a crane, manipulators can help to support a load that might be offset from the axis of the end effector.

Manipulators serve the purpose of moving or orientating items by automated means while they go through the various phases of production, saving you time and manpower on a production line. S4 can offer a range of manipulators as either a standalone system or as a part of an overall turnkey solution.

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