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What We Do.

S4 offers a range of Manipulator solutions, ranging from pneumatically-balanced lift assists to electronic Intelligent Lifting devices. (Liftronic)

Manipulators allow an operator to ergonomically lift and position a lifted load safely thus preventing injury to themselves and those around them.

As proud representatives of Scaglia Indeva (who have been manufacturing manipulators since 1970), S4 is able to offer you Pneumatic manipulators or the intelligent Liftronic devices and our knowledgeable team is able to understand your needs and match the correct solution to help you overcome your unique challenge.

The Liftronic Mobile is an Indeva Lift Assist Device designed to be installed on a pallet truck so that it can be moved and used where ever it is needed.

The device is designed to be safely and easily mounted on an electrical pallet truck. The lift assist device is very agile, precise and is ergonomically designed. It is a 4 jointed arm, which allows for smooth handling of operations as well as having a swivel joint on the end of arm for continuous rotation around the gripper arms.


  • Easy interchange of grippers for handling different type of load;
  • Auto-sense and auto-balancing;
  • Easy battery replacement;
  • Safe and easy to move around – one lift assist device available for different work stations;
  • Easy maintenance – all components are easily accessible behind a removable carter and a;
  • Low carbon footprint.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum load capacity: 60kg (including gripper);
  • Vertical stroke: 1.5 metres;
  • Arm length: 2530 mm;
  • Autonomy: up to 6 hours for a continuous cycle;
  • Vacuum gripper: air through the arm, no pipes;
  • Battery: 24V/ 110A.

Whether you require a floor mounted pillar type manipulator,to serve a dedicated area or an overhead rail mounted solution to cover a large area, we have the right solution for you.

We are proud to be a supplier of INDEVA Industrial Manipulators.

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At S4 we have an incredible team comprising of over 200 professionals from various industrial automation backgrounds. They are on hand to tackle your industrial automation requirements, armed with caffeine and superior intellect. We have wide industry knowledge and experience, with over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation.

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