Conveyor Systems

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What We Do.

S4 designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of conveyors for many different industries as per your specific requirement.

Types of solutions offered?

Our offerings range from manual to fully automated systems including:

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyors.

Gravity conveyors enable you to mechanize operations while keeping your expenses down. These cost-effective conveyors effortlessly move items in almost any direction with minimal operating and maintenance costs. Most of the movement that takes place is due to the force of gravity, using this scientific principle to its advantage.

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyors.

Roller conveyors are optimized for transporting a wide variety of crates, boxes, polybags, and pallets. A version in a freewheel or electrically controlled roller conveyor gives you flexibility in layout, application, and budget. This way you can efficiently use this type of conveyor in every phase of your product flow: order picking, processing, packaging, transport, etc. The modular construction offers you further options in future modifications and/or extensions.

Belt-Driven Conveyor

Belt driven conveyors.

Belt conveyor systems consist of two or more pulleys, with a continuous loop of material being the conveyor belt that moves rotationally around the drive and idler pulleys. The powered pulley is known as the drive pulley and the unpowered pulley is known as the idler. The pulleys are powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward.

Wheel Conveyor

Wheel conveyors.

Wheel Conveyors or Skate Wheel Conveyors and are an alternative version of non-powered roller conveyors. In these conveyors, a series of wheels are mounted to a variety of conveyor rail shapes and with various wheel patterns to configure conveyor lanes, either in horizontal push applications or on slight decline angles for gravity flow solutions.

Where It Works.

Warehousing & Distribution
Order Fulfillment
Parcel Handling
Cabinetry & Furniture
Food & Beverage


Convey loads of Cartons, Totes, Fixtures, Cardboard Boxes
Non-Contact Accumulation
Pallet loads when bottom boards are perpendicular to the rollers
Pallet loads when bottom boards are parallel to the rollers
Accumulation of loads

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