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What We Do.

S4 offers a wide range of machine vision systems suitable for all industries. Our technicians are adept at integrating simple intelligent cameras, to complex custom machine vision solutions.

When choosing a machine vision system for your industry there are a lot of factors to consider. Are you looking for a simple, affordable plug ‘n play system or a custom solution that needs to apply complex inspection procedures to a variety of different products? Our knowledgeable technicians will assist you in selecting the system best suited to your needs.

Intelligent Solutions

We offer a wide range of smart cameras suitable for simple vision inspection processes. These cameras form an integral part of the assembly and manufacturing process. They can be used to automate a number of different quality inspection tasks from colour and pattern detection through to alignment inspection. Our technicians have valuable industry knowledge when it comes to selecting the correct products for your particular vision system needs.

All of our intelligent solutions are plug n play and can easily be integrated into existing systems, even if the system already contains machine vision components.

Smart Camera Benefits

  • Quick to install for simple applications
  • Processes information using a chip in the camera
  • Affordable when only one or two simple applications need to be performed
  • Wide product selection
  • Custom Solutions

S4 also offers custom machine vision solutions to fit your needs. Our custom solutions are able to do the same thing as our intelligent solutions and so much more. Our software engineers are able to provide you with a user-friendly, graphical user interface as well as set up automated logging and customisable reporting of faults. They use Halcon Vision Software during the manufacture of your customised software to ensure the measurement capabilities are at their optimum. Custom Vision Systems are the go-to should you need complex data-gathering solutions for your industry.

At S4 we offer installation of complete machine vision solutions, or as a standalone integration service depending on your vision system needs.

Custom Solutions Benefits

  • System is more adaptable, can be used for multiple applications
  • Sophisticated data-gathering framework
  • Customised Graphical User Interface outputs data in an easy to read way
  • Capable of automated fault reporting with detailed analytics and snapshots
  • Flexible - different range of camera equipment can interface qwith our software
  • The cameras used in our custom solutions are simple, therefore if a camera fails or breaks it can be quickly swapped out with another without programming, minimising system downtime

S4 has valuable industry knowledge and experience integrating industrial machine vision systems, contact us today to find out more

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