Refurbishing Of Existing Installations

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What We Do.

Whether your capital equipment has long lead times, expensive replacement costs or individual parts are obsolete, S4 Integration possesses the ability to refurbish your existing equipment. We offer our services to be cost-effective while providing improvements that will extend the life of your equipment and reduce or eliminate operational down time. Refurbished equipment saves money and reduces inventory.

We make new parts if they are required. This means we can often improve functionality, safety and production reliability. If necessary, the changes to the product geometry are entered in the 3D CAD models and working drawings. These as-built drawings can be useful if a replacement part is needed in the future.

Certain circumstances may have you investigating the possibility of refurbishing an existing machine. These circumstances can include:

  • A new product is being pursued that falls well outside of the original scope of the machine
  • The machine is being moved to a new production line
  • Used equipment was originally purchased and is not performing as anticipated
  • Funding for capital equipment purchases isn’t available, but maintenance funds exist
  • There is a desire to extend a machine’s lifespan with updated technologies
  • There is a desire to maximize efficiency

Refurbished equipment advantages include:

  1. Increased efficiency, safety, and reliability. These improvements are achieved while also saving 30% to 60% from buying new.
  2. Ease of use. Integrating more modern parts and controls will update the rectifier, allowing it to communicate with newer rectifiers in a system.
  3. Standardized maintenance. Pick and choose your upgrade to accommodate your company’s spare parts inventory, training capabilities, quality requirements, or ease of troubleshooting. It is far easier to work on equipment that matches the machine next to it than having no reference.
  4. Extended equipment life. Modernizing the rectifier also helps to extend its service life. It also allows your equipment to comply with today’s safety standards and codes, reducing hazards to your employees.
  5. Smaller environmental impact. Choosing to refurbish existing equipment rather than scrapping it is a much greener alternative as it minimizes the amount of retired equipment waste, does not utilize resources to build new equipment, and allows systems to return to optimal performance, reducing energy usage.

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