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BEP - Burke E. Porter

With over 50 years in manufacturing, S4’s partner: BEP, have the experience and know-how to build test systems that stand the test of time. These cover the gamut of production and laboratory testing, ranging from roll/brake test and non-contact machines to dynamometers, tire, and wheel assembly systems, wind power generator and gearbox R&D and full load validation dynamometers and a variety of specialty machines, including headlamp aimers. Each test system is individually designed for your application. And each is fully integrated into your quality control system to help you meet the greater demands for comfort, safety, quality, and efficiency of customers and government agencies alike.

BEP design modular, integrated test solutions that meet your expectations, and your budget. These are the hallmarks of their test systems, which are designed to grow with your needs, to outpace the ever-changing emissions and automotive safety standards, and to set the standard for tighter measurement tolerances and faster cycle times.

But BEP doesn’t just engineer test systems, they support them. With offices in over 50 locations worldwide and with 24-hour “at a moment's notice” support in the field worldwide, you can rest assured that you will get the technical support and assistance you need - when you need it.

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