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Multi-spindle machines are screw machines that are made in a way that can cut materials into small pieces in a simultaneous manner through the use of a number of tools. A multi-spindle is designed to run down the cam cover bolts using a semi-automotive process.

A multi-spindle lathe machine not only offers you high production levels, but offers savings on time and space- making your operations more efficient.

Why you should opt for a multi-spindle instead of a single lathe machine:

  • 1. Space Savings: A multi-spindle lathe machine uses up much less space as compared to a single lathe machine.
  • 2. Energy Efficiency: It will use less energy when compared to the number of single lathe machines that you will need to get the same results.
  • 3. Productivity: Multi-spindle machines typically have six main spindles, where as single spindle lathe machines will have one main spindle that works together with the help of a sub-spindle. This means that a sophisticated single lathe machine will be able to perform four operations simultaneously.

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