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Date Published: 01-10-2019

S4 Integration has a job shadowing programme which allows scholars to spend two days or more at our Head Offices in Fairview, Port Elizabeth.

Job shadowing is an opportunity for young individuals to observe an employee performing their daily work routine in their environment thus allowing individuals to make an informed decision about their career of choice. Job shadowing gives scholars the opportunity to ask questions about the field of work they are interested in, hands-on experience and a networking opportunity.

The job shadowing programme at S4 Integration is structured in the manner that allows scholars and students to spend a sufficient amount of time with our Electrical Design & PLC department, Mechanical Design department as well as the Projects and Software departments.

Our program is structured in a way that allows students to spend a time in each of our departments, namely software, mechanical and electrical.

We asked Keegan Brown from Grey High School in Port Elizabeth and Tristan Cheesman from Westville Boys High in Durban about their job shadowing experience at S4 Integration and here’s what they had to say:

Interviewer: Over the last two days that you’ve been here, what is your overall view of S4 Integration?

Keegan Brown: S4 Integration is a professional, well organized company but still focuses on work and company culture. The staff amenities such as the games room, having a Barista and the overall workplace layout showed me that this is more than a workplace, but a secure environment where good relationships are formed.

Tristan Cheesman: Adding to what Keegan said, there is a very creative atmosphere at S4 with a very powerful work ethic shown from staff.

Interviewer: After spending two days with us, would you consider S4 Integration as a company you would work for once you’ve completed your studies?

Keegan Brown & Tristan Cheesman: Yes, we would. The environment that has been created for staff is definitely a pull factor. It is very modern, super friendly, new technology & having areas where staff can unwind as it is a high stress environment.

Interviewer: Lastly, what have you learned about the Industrial Automation industry?

Keegan Brown: I learned that the automation industry is a lot more complex and grows at a faster pace than what I thought it does. During my time at S4, I also learned that the market for this industry is quite versatile yet competitive.

Tristan Cheesman: I have learned about all the work that goes into Industrial Automation as well as the vast processes needed in order for operations to run smoothly.

Both scholars summed up their job shadowing experience at S4 Integration as educational, fun and nothing like what they expected for this industry. They viewed their two day experience as inspirational as it allows them to set proper goals for their future.

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